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I swear... a lot.

I suspect the man on the elliptical machine two stations to my left had headphones in. See, I was swearing pretty loudly, as my shins and calves felt like they were going to explode in gorefest fashion.

My run last night sucked.

Some answers...

I went to the knee doctor on Thursday. He thinks I have a torn medial meniscus and told me to get an MRI.

So I somehow get an appointment for Friday morning. I'm strapped into the MRI machine and after 10 minutes the tech comes out. "Well, the power went out," she says. There were crazy storms in Tempe Thursday night, and they apparently affected the MRI system for both of their offices at 9 a.m. the next morning. I proceeded to lay stuck for the next 40ish minutes. Fun times.

Hopefully the doctor will call me on Tuesday.

Meniscus tears, from Wikipedia:

Tears can lead to pain and/or swelling of the knee joint. Especially acute injuries (typically in younger, more active patients) can lead to displaced tears which can cause mechanical symptoms such as clicking, catching, or locking during motion of the knee joint. The joint will be in pain when in use, but when there is no load, the pain goes away.

The doctor seemed pretty certain this was the case. He thinks it somehow became injured during a misstep, then got worse little by little as I kept running on it. Eventually it manifested itself in the crazy pain I had the first time. Then after two weeks, it went away, only to come back 5 weeks later. It's been 4 weeks without running and he thinks the cycle will continue. He says the stiffness I'm experiencing in the back of my knee is a "referral pain" caused by the possible tear.

Cartilage never repairs itself because it gets little to no bloodflow. My dad tore his in college and has had two surgeries to repair it.

Let's see what happens.


This blog is starting to turn into my emo livejournal from freshman year of high school. Oops.

Well, I ran 2 miles on Sunday. It's not a lot, but it was the most I've run in four weeks. My legs felt really stiff and tight, but otherwise it seemed OK. I ran in .5 mile increments with a minute of walking between each. Toward the end of my run, I noticed my left leg (the one with the knee problem) was unusually tight toward the outside on the back. I just figured my knee was working out its kinks.

I went to the gym again tonight, about an hour and a half ago. My leg was not having it. That same pain behind my knee returned. I just went for half a mile because I didn't want to mess anything up. The pain isn't terrible. I could definitely run on it, but I can tell that I obviously shouldn't. I'm assuming this is related to something with my earlier knee problems, even though it is a different "symptom" I guess. I didn't feel this in the past two knee injury periods. And it's still feeling that way now; it didn't just go away once I left the treadmill.

Instead I ended up doing a quick but hard bike workout. I think I'm going to go to spin tomorrow. I really miss being active. If I can't run right now, I might as well do something else right?

I go to the doctor next Thursday. I'll probably try to run in three days to see if it cooled down or not.
Son of a bitch.

Really, that's all that comes to mind when I think how close the San Jose Rock n Roll Half is.

About two weeks ago, I was doing okay with the running. I could do 45-minute work outs of walks and runs and I was about to start trying running by miles instead of time without breaks. And then I decided to try cardio box one Monday.

I got 30 minutes into the class and I felt this stabbing in my right shin, which I've previously had stress fractures in. So I bounced out of class and cried the entire drive home, fucking frustrated.

Last week I did 30 minutes of heart rate interval training on the bike and last night I did 45 minutes of cardio (I aimed to keep my heart rate above 160 the entire time and at one point peaked at a sustained 187 for a few minutes) on the elliptical. I figure the elliptical is the same movement of running with no impact on my shins, so it's a way to get my legs worked and time in without making my tibia spontaneously combust.

I went 4.76 miles on the elliptical last night (I don't use the moving arms, btw, just the stationary handles, so I don't offset the work of my legs) with an average pace of 10:76 minutes per mile, top speed of 7:28/mi sustained for 5 minutes before I backed off to 10:28/mi for the final 5 minutes before cool down.

This is not a good update.

So I last left you on July 14. Wow, that was a long time ago. And, well, a lot of things have happened since then.

The good:
I made two seven-mile runs in a row that week. My mile looked like this:

Monday, July 14: 4 miles
Tuesday, July 15: 5 miles
Wednesday, July 16: rest
Thursday, July 17: 7 miles
Friday, July 18: 7 miles
Saturday, July 19: rest (biked 12 miles)
Sunday, July 20: 5 miles
(28 miles total)

Monday, July 21: 6.5 miles
Tuesday, July 22: 4 miles

The bad:
On the 22nd, my knee started to hurt at the end of my run. I was worried that would happen. I pushed hard the week before, but I took two days off and I thought that was going to be OK.

I ended up resting on Wednesday and Thursday, only to try and run, unsuccessfully, again on Friday.

And here I am today, two weeks later as of tomorrow. Does that make sense? Anyway, I haven't actually run since then and I am feeling hurt and depressed.

So my running attempts have included July 25, July 29, August 2 and today, August 4. These never exceeded a mile (except for today, I did 1.5 miles) and usually consisted of walking backward on the treadmill mixed with a quarter or half mile of running. Maybe I was dumb for doing this. But honestly, I waited for 3-4 days between. I figured that since the pain this time was considerably less that it would take less time to get back to normal.

I don't want this to happen. I was so freaking proud of myself. Fourteen miles in two days? I honestly never thought I'd get that far. And then this happened. And I honestly just feel crushed.

For awhile, I couldn't walk without a terrible limp. This was the case from probably July 23 to July 28. After that it gradually started to feel better. But after every time I tried running again, it would go back to feeling ultra crappy for a day. Then the pain would begin to subside.

By today I thought I was almost back to normal. It's weird because at random times of the day I would feel a twinge of pain that would last anywhere from 15 seconds to an hour. This is the case when I get out of the car, since my left foot hits the ground first. But sometimes it just happens. I've been trying to really pay attention to when and where it hurts. Today I was just walking around the house and it just started hurting. I didn't step awkwardly or anything.

My pain is not outrageous. It's not really sharp or completely unbearable. I mostly just feel uncomfortable putting any weight on it. When my knee hurt last time (from May 30 to June 12), the pain was absolutely ridiculous. It was swollen and hurt ALL THE TIME. This is not the case now. I don't know if that's good or not. As a general rule, my knee doesn't hurt when I'm just sitting down. Only when I'm moving, and especially when I'm moving quickly. I can be fine to walk like I have been the days I decided to go to the gym. But once I put the treadmill on 4 mph, I instantly feel it.

Another note: I haven't used Ibuprofen since I've been home in Tempe. In Colorado I was pretty much popping them every day until the last week. I don't know if I just got afraid of my knee pain coming back or what. My legs were sore EVER SINGLE DAY because I honestly went to the gym 38 days with only resting 2 until I stopped the last week. But my knees didn't hurt. Sometimes they were sore but so was my whole body. I wonder if my knees are still acting up because I haven't been taking Ibuprofen? Or would that just quash the pain? I don't know. Either way, this sucks.

I have an appointment with a knee specialist on August 28. That is in 24 days. Hopefully by then I will be running again. I don't want to have to rest every six weeks for two more weeks. I'm not going to get anywhere in my training. And dammit, I'm going to do the San Jose Half-Marathon.

Woe is me.

My knee hurts.

...and I was doing so well.

Real update to come soon.

This humidity is like death.

I tried to go for a 2 mile run this morning. It was 82 with 70% humidity. I just wasn't feeling into it, so I think I walked for 1.75 miles and ran for .25.

Whatever, the humidity was so unbearably oppressive, I couldn't breathe.

I'll try again tonight.

I'm going to puke.

So I got back from my first real outside longish run today. It was beautiful outside, so I went for it.

Well, my mouth was super dry and I had fun cottonmouth the whole run. And then I started feeling really sick. I still feel like death, but whatever. I held up well otherwise, I think. The outside of my right shin was hurting, which was kind of a weird feeling. I had that kind of pain after running hills. Weird. This path was flatter than most land around here, but it still was sloped one way or another at all times. Basically, it's still not as flat as Tempster :(.

I also experienced something I had forgotten about: what it's like to try and spit when you've been running for 45 minutes. A.K.A. your spit is really thick and never makes it to the ground, instead getting all over your hands, clothes, face, etc. Thank God no one saw ...

Anyway, my mom told me I need to start taking rest days. I've gotten to the point where my legs are always tired. I never start out a run feeling fresh. So I'll make it a point to take off a day every now and then. The day I was going to take off last week ... well, I decided to go to the trail and ran 1.6 miles of hills instead. I figured that was enough of a break, hahah.

I want a corndog.

Here's my latest workouts:

July 11
Bike 5 mi, 26.5 min, 158 cal
Run 4 mi, 42.5 min, 425 cal

July 12
Bike about 20 minutes on trainer at the house
Run 1.6 mi on trail, 18 min, 200 cal (this was the most fun I've had running yet)

July 13
Bike 8.5 mi, 47 min, 237 cal
Run 4 mi, 41.5 min, 430 cal

July 14
Run 4 mi outside, 46 min, 435 cal
Ran first 1.5 miles without stopping for a walk break, then stopped about every .5 miles after for about 90 seconds of walking.

I think I'll go to the gym to do some biking and weights after dinner. Hopefully my corndog will cure my upset stomach. OK, just kidding. I won't eat a corndog, but I really want to. So I probably will. Shut up!

OH YEAH! Last week I logged just over 28 miles!! My tallies for the two weeks before were 22.17 and 22.93. I upped it this week. And I burned 4,563 calories. I still probably gained 16 pounds though. When my mom was here she bought me some candy and Harry and David's. And, well, for some reason I thought it might not be as bad for me as regular candy. Since it's "gourmet" and everything.

Running outside and stupid storms.

So I did my first outside run today. I mapped out a 3 mile route around the neighborhood and gave it a go.

Now, it was 95 and 40% humidity, so the weather outside suuuucked. However, it rained a little when I was running, so that made me feel a little better. Then wind started to pick up and that helped.

I'm sure I walked most of the way, but I did run a fair portion of the route. I just kept telling myself to run to this lamp post or that truck or to the end of the street and then I'd see if I could push it any further.

I know I'll get stronger. I just have to work at it.

I do feel as though I could have gone a little harder or a little longer, but I'm kind of glad I didn't push myself to exhaustion -- I'd probably forgo running tomorrow.

So when I got home, nobody was here and it was storming outside, but I desperately needed to shower. I resolved to take the world's quickest shower, as my mother always warned me that showering in a storm could lead to electrocution, which is apparently true, per Clay Thompson, who is always a viable source of info.

So I get in the shower, and have the foresight enough to bring the flashlight in the bathroom with me. Of course, this meant that the power went out while I was in the shower.

In the fucking shower.

I was horrified. And as soon as I clicked the flashlight on, the power came back on.

Other than that, the night went off without a hitch. Now I'm sore, and I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow (esp. since I did 1.5 hours of weights work at the gym today) but I'll try to run it out a bit.

Stupid Nike+.

So before I apologize for my 10 day absence, I must complain about the Nike+.

It doesn't seem to want to update today's run. And somehow, the little crystals of the LCD screen are whack. It looks like gold confetti rained on my Sportband screen.

So ... not sure what to do about this. Hopefully the FAQ will help me figure out why it's not updating the run. We shall see.

Otherwise, it's working well. For my 6 mile run today, it clocked 6.1. Pretty accurate.

And yes, you read that correctly. I ran 6 miles! What a feat. There is a blister developing on my toe though. Suggestions?

Last week was pretty lame, running-wise. My mom and sisters came up to visit and it was a little busier than it has been. I took a day off (the first one in 19 days), and another day I only ran three-quarters of a mile. So I took that day off too.

In any case, I've tried to step it up this week. Josiah is in Portland so I don't rally have much else to do. Today I spent almost 3 hours at the gym. Ridiculous.

My workout log the past 11 days.Collapse )

I weighed myself this morning and I was at 143. That's after breakfast. So things are still going down ... slowly.

I'm trying to find the balance between eating or not eating before I run. When I would go in the morning, I'd just go without breakfast. But now that I'm running more, I'm feeling hunger pangs toward the end of the run. But if I eat within like 2 hours before a run, I'm in trouble. Blah. I constantly have a stomachache after a run. Sucky.

I'm still trying to confront my outside running fear. I'm so dumb. Yesterday I went to this park my mom said had a nice trail. Well, that sucker was an actual trail and totally uphill. I wanted to die. So I went half a mile up (walking was faster than running), and then ran back down. It was the hardest I've breathed since I started running.

We decided to run the San Jose Half-Marathon the first week of October. That's less than 3 months away. I think I'll be able to work up to 13 miles by then. I just hope I can go a bit faster than I've been going now.

Oh yeah, I bought some Body Glide. My armpits were getting rubbed raw.

Cheers. My stomach is still hurting post the 6-miler today.