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Stupid Nike+.

So before I apologize for my 10 day absence, I must complain about the Nike+.

It doesn't seem to want to update today's run. And somehow, the little crystals of the LCD screen are whack. It looks like gold confetti rained on my Sportband screen.

So ... not sure what to do about this. Hopefully the FAQ will help me figure out why it's not updating the run. We shall see.

Otherwise, it's working well. For my 6 mile run today, it clocked 6.1. Pretty accurate.

And yes, you read that correctly. I ran 6 miles! What a feat. There is a blister developing on my toe though. Suggestions?

Last week was pretty lame, running-wise. My mom and sisters came up to visit and it was a little busier than it has been. I took a day off (the first one in 19 days), and another day I only ran three-quarters of a mile. So I took that day off too.

In any case, I've tried to step it up this week. Josiah is in Portland so I don't rally have much else to do. Today I spent almost 3 hours at the gym. Ridiculous.

June 30
Bike 3.3 mi, 13 min, 86 cal
Run 3 mi, 31.25 min, 327 cal

July 1
Bike 6 mi, 36 min, 185 cal
Run 5 mi, 54 min, 544 cal

July 2

July 3
Run 1 mi, 12 min, 109 cal (around the neighborhood)
Bike 5.55 mi, 29 min, 176 cal
Run 3 mi, 33 min, 327 cal

July 4
Run .75 mi, 7 min, 86 cal (to calibrate the sensor)

July 5
Run 4 mi, 45 min, 412 cal

July 6
Bike 6.55 mi, 35 min, 200 cal
Run 5.42 mi, 60.5 min, 570

July 7
Bike 7.3 mi, 33 min, 250 cal
Run 4 mi, 44:50 min, 435 cal

July 8
Bike 6 mi, 31 min, 195 cal
Run 4 mi, 44 min, 435 cal

July 9
Run 1.05 mi, 12.5 min, 120 cal (on a trail)
Bike 6 mi, 29 min, 200 cal
Run 3.5 mi, 39 min, 391 cal

July 10
Bike 9.6 mi, 50 min, 302 cal
Run 6 mi, 1:04 hour, 660 cal

I weighed myself this morning and I was at 143. That's after breakfast. So things are still going down ... slowly.

I'm trying to find the balance between eating or not eating before I run. When I would go in the morning, I'd just go without breakfast. But now that I'm running more, I'm feeling hunger pangs toward the end of the run. But if I eat within like 2 hours before a run, I'm in trouble. Blah. I constantly have a stomachache after a run. Sucky.

I'm still trying to confront my outside running fear. I'm so dumb. Yesterday I went to this park my mom said had a nice trail. Well, that sucker was an actual trail and totally uphill. I wanted to die. So I went half a mile up (walking was faster than running), and then ran back down. It was the hardest I've breathed since I started running.

We decided to run the San Jose Half-Marathon the first week of October. That's less than 3 months away. I think I'll be able to work up to 13 miles by then. I just hope I can go a bit faster than I've been going now.

Oh yeah, I bought some Body Glide. My armpits were getting rubbed raw.

Cheers. My stomach is still hurting post the 6-miler today.


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