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I'm going to puke.

So I got back from my first real outside longish run today. It was beautiful outside, so I went for it.

Well, my mouth was super dry and I had fun cottonmouth the whole run. And then I started feeling really sick. I still feel like death, but whatever. I held up well otherwise, I think. The outside of my right shin was hurting, which was kind of a weird feeling. I had that kind of pain after running hills. Weird. This path was flatter than most land around here, but it still was sloped one way or another at all times. Basically, it's still not as flat as Tempster :(.

I also experienced something I had forgotten about: what it's like to try and spit when you've been running for 45 minutes. A.K.A. your spit is really thick and never makes it to the ground, instead getting all over your hands, clothes, face, etc. Thank God no one saw ...

Anyway, my mom told me I need to start taking rest days. I've gotten to the point where my legs are always tired. I never start out a run feeling fresh. So I'll make it a point to take off a day every now and then. The day I was going to take off last week ... well, I decided to go to the trail and ran 1.6 miles of hills instead. I figured that was enough of a break, hahah.

I want a corndog.

Here's my latest workouts:

July 11
Bike 5 mi, 26.5 min, 158 cal
Run 4 mi, 42.5 min, 425 cal

July 12
Bike about 20 minutes on trainer at the house
Run 1.6 mi on trail, 18 min, 200 cal (this was the most fun I've had running yet)

July 13
Bike 8.5 mi, 47 min, 237 cal
Run 4 mi, 41.5 min, 430 cal

July 14
Run 4 mi outside, 46 min, 435 cal
Ran first 1.5 miles without stopping for a walk break, then stopped about every .5 miles after for about 90 seconds of walking.

I think I'll go to the gym to do some biking and weights after dinner. Hopefully my corndog will cure my upset stomach. OK, just kidding. I won't eat a corndog, but I really want to. So I probably will. Shut up!

OH YEAH! Last week I logged just over 28 miles!! My tallies for the two weeks before were 22.17 and 22.93. I upped it this week. And I burned 4,563 calories. I still probably gained 16 pounds though. When my mom was here she bought me some candy and Harry and David's. And, well, for some reason I thought it might not be as bad for me as regular candy. Since it's "gourmet" and everything.


Run, Reeree, Run!

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