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This is not a good update.

So I last left you on July 14. Wow, that was a long time ago. And, well, a lot of things have happened since then.

The good:
I made two seven-mile runs in a row that week. My mile looked like this:

Monday, July 14: 4 miles
Tuesday, July 15: 5 miles
Wednesday, July 16: rest
Thursday, July 17: 7 miles
Friday, July 18: 7 miles
Saturday, July 19: rest (biked 12 miles)
Sunday, July 20: 5 miles
(28 miles total)

Monday, July 21: 6.5 miles
Tuesday, July 22: 4 miles

The bad:
On the 22nd, my knee started to hurt at the end of my run. I was worried that would happen. I pushed hard the week before, but I took two days off and I thought that was going to be OK.

I ended up resting on Wednesday and Thursday, only to try and run, unsuccessfully, again on Friday.

And here I am today, two weeks later as of tomorrow. Does that make sense? Anyway, I haven't actually run since then and I am feeling hurt and depressed.

So my running attempts have included July 25, July 29, August 2 and today, August 4. These never exceeded a mile (except for today, I did 1.5 miles) and usually consisted of walking backward on the treadmill mixed with a quarter or half mile of running. Maybe I was dumb for doing this. But honestly, I waited for 3-4 days between. I figured that since the pain this time was considerably less that it would take less time to get back to normal.

I don't want this to happen. I was so freaking proud of myself. Fourteen miles in two days? I honestly never thought I'd get that far. And then this happened. And I honestly just feel crushed.

For awhile, I couldn't walk without a terrible limp. This was the case from probably July 23 to July 28. After that it gradually started to feel better. But after every time I tried running again, it would go back to feeling ultra crappy for a day. Then the pain would begin to subside.

By today I thought I was almost back to normal. It's weird because at random times of the day I would feel a twinge of pain that would last anywhere from 15 seconds to an hour. This is the case when I get out of the car, since my left foot hits the ground first. But sometimes it just happens. I've been trying to really pay attention to when and where it hurts. Today I was just walking around the house and it just started hurting. I didn't step awkwardly or anything.

My pain is not outrageous. It's not really sharp or completely unbearable. I mostly just feel uncomfortable putting any weight on it. When my knee hurt last time (from May 30 to June 12), the pain was absolutely ridiculous. It was swollen and hurt ALL THE TIME. This is not the case now. I don't know if that's good or not. As a general rule, my knee doesn't hurt when I'm just sitting down. Only when I'm moving, and especially when I'm moving quickly. I can be fine to walk like I have been the days I decided to go to the gym. But once I put the treadmill on 4 mph, I instantly feel it.

Another note: I haven't used Ibuprofen since I've been home in Tempe. In Colorado I was pretty much popping them every day until the last week. I don't know if I just got afraid of my knee pain coming back or what. My legs were sore EVER SINGLE DAY because I honestly went to the gym 38 days with only resting 2 until I stopped the last week. But my knees didn't hurt. Sometimes they were sore but so was my whole body. I wonder if my knees are still acting up because I haven't been taking Ibuprofen? Or would that just quash the pain? I don't know. Either way, this sucks.

I have an appointment with a knee specialist on August 28. That is in 24 days. Hopefully by then I will be running again. I don't want to have to rest every six weeks for two more weeks. I'm not going to get anywhere in my training. And dammit, I'm going to do the San Jose Half-Marathon.


Run, Reeree, Run!

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