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Son of a bitch.

Really, that's all that comes to mind when I think how close the San Jose Rock n Roll Half is.

About two weeks ago, I was doing okay with the running. I could do 45-minute work outs of walks and runs and I was about to start trying running by miles instead of time without breaks. And then I decided to try cardio box one Monday.

I got 30 minutes into the class and I felt this stabbing in my right shin, which I've previously had stress fractures in. So I bounced out of class and cried the entire drive home, fucking frustrated.

Last week I did 30 minutes of heart rate interval training on the bike and last night I did 45 minutes of cardio (I aimed to keep my heart rate above 160 the entire time and at one point peaked at a sustained 187 for a few minutes) on the elliptical. I figure the elliptical is the same movement of running with no impact on my shins, so it's a way to get my legs worked and time in without making my tibia spontaneously combust.

I went 4.76 miles on the elliptical last night (I don't use the moving arms, btw, just the stationary handles, so I don't offset the work of my legs) with an average pace of 10:76 minutes per mile, top speed of 7:28/mi sustained for 5 minutes before I backed off to 10:28/mi for the final 5 minutes before cool down.


Run, Reeree, Run!

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