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This blog is starting to turn into my emo livejournal from freshman year of high school. Oops.

Well, I ran 2 miles on Sunday. It's not a lot, but it was the most I've run in four weeks. My legs felt really stiff and tight, but otherwise it seemed OK. I ran in .5 mile increments with a minute of walking between each. Toward the end of my run, I noticed my left leg (the one with the knee problem) was unusually tight toward the outside on the back. I just figured my knee was working out its kinks.

I went to the gym again tonight, about an hour and a half ago. My leg was not having it. That same pain behind my knee returned. I just went for half a mile because I didn't want to mess anything up. The pain isn't terrible. I could definitely run on it, but I can tell that I obviously shouldn't. I'm assuming this is related to something with my earlier knee problems, even though it is a different "symptom" I guess. I didn't feel this in the past two knee injury periods. And it's still feeling that way now; it didn't just go away once I left the treadmill.

Instead I ended up doing a quick but hard bike workout. I think I'm going to go to spin tomorrow. I really miss being active. If I can't run right now, I might as well do something else right?

I go to the doctor next Thursday. I'll probably try to run in three days to see if it cooled down or not.


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